• Public Works

  • Inspection, Planning & Zoning, Steet Department, WasteWater,
    and Parks & Recreation

    550 Executive Boulevard / Post Office Box 720609  Byram, MS 39272
    Phone: 601.372.7791 Fax: 601.372.0191
    HOURS: Monday-Friday from 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

  • Eric Munden Planning & Zoning, Building Inspector
  • Eric Munden
    Planning and Zoning, Building Inspector
    601.372.7791  Ext. 404

  • LaKendrick Powell
    Parks and Recreation Coordinator
    601.372.7791  Ext. 403

    For all potential MOBILE HOME owners:  Please note that you MUST have your permit completed before you place your Mobile Home in the City of Byram.

    All contractors doing work in Byram are required to provide the City with a copy of their current license (Contractor License from the State of Mississippi ONLY), $5000 contractor bond (payable to the City of Byram), copy of their project contract, and a Certificate of General Liability insurance. A $25 annual registration fee is also required. A registration form must be completed and submitted before any work commences.

    Permits are required for the following: building, remodeling, roofing, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, pool, demolition, mobile homes, moving a structure and signs. Fees are calculated on construction value.

    The City of Byram has adopted the 2012 Edition of the International Codes as follows:
    *International Building Code – 2012 Edition. Less and Except (Sections [R]901 through [R]903 and IFC 13.31.040.   *International Residential Code – 2012 Edition.  *International Fuel Gas Code – 2012 Edition. – To Section [A]108 replace [specify offense] with, “misdemeanor”, replace [amount} with “$1000.00,” replace [number of (days] with “90 days”.  *International Mechanical Code – 2012 Edition. Less and Except (Sections [A]103 1, [A]103.2, [A]103.3, [A]106.5.3, and 109). To Section 108.4 replace [specify offense] with, “misdemeanor”, replace [amount} with “$1000.00”, replace [number of (days] with “90 days”.  *International Plumbing Code – 2012 Edition  *National Electric Code – 2011 Edition *International Fire Code – 2012 Edition. To Section 109.4 replace [specify offense] with, “misdemeanor”, replace [amount} with “$1000.00”, replace [number of (days] with “90 days.”  *International Energy Conservation Code – 2012 Edition.

    The Street department is responsible for maintaining Right-of-Ways and Streets.  They also investigate concerns regarding erosion and drainage.  If a citizen has a question or concern, they should call the City at 601-372-7791.

    Anyone who conducts business in the City of Byram must obtain a Privilege License (State Code 27-17-9), except for businesses that are specifically exempted by state or federal statute. Privilege License fees are required to be paid prior to the opening of a business and are renewable on an annual basis, October 1 – September 30.

    The amount of a privilege license is based upon the number of employees and type of business. Service businesses (including non-manufacturing and manufacturing) are calculated on the number of employees:

  • Number of Employees License Fee Due
    0-3 $20.00
    4-10 $30.00
    Over 10

    Non-Manufacturing: $30.00 plus $3.00 for each employee over 10, not to exceed $150.00

    Manufacturing: $80.00 for 11 or more employees

  • Licenses for businesses that operate for the sale of goods, wares, and merchandise (retail and wholesale) are based on their assessed inventory value (Cost X.15=Assessed Value). For fees not listed, please call the City’s Privilege License Office at 601-372-7791.

    From To Fee
    0 7,000 $20.00
    7,001 10,000 $25.00
    10,001 12,000 $32.50
    12,001 15,000 $40.00
    15,001 20,000 $50.00
    20,001 25,000 $62.50
    25,001 30,000 $75.00

    Home Occupations- businesses operated from the home of an individual, must obtain a Privilege License and a Home Occupation Permit. There are numerous restrictions for operating a home occupation. Contact the City’s Privilege License Office at 601-372-7791 for more information.

    The Board of Aldermen of Byram, Mississippi agree to participate with 25-60-1 et. seq. and the Mississippi Department of Archives and History by forming a program for the disposition of records based on administrative, legal, fiscal or historical value; The Board of Aldermen does further desire to assess a fee to be charged by any municipal official who accepts documents for filing as public records in the amount of $1.00 for each document so filed and to direct that any official or employee collecting this fee shall follow the requirements of 25-60-5 Mississippi Code Annotated (1972) in the disposition of said funds. See the Records Management Fee Ordinance for more information.